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Top Days Out

Entertaining the kids can feel like hard work! Our Survival Squad member Kara has put together her list of Top Days out in Dorset for Kids.


recipes to get kids to eat vegetables

Child Friendly Recipes

How can I get my child to eat vegetables? What can I cook with my child? Check out our range of fun, easy and healthy recipes for kids.

Help with bullying in Dorset

Bullying and Self Esteem

Is your child being bullied? Do you suspect your child is a bully? How do you ensure your child has a good self esteem? How can you avoid self hate? Read our guides from parents and experts on lots of these issues.

Teenager in Dorset

Living with teens!

Life with teens can be fun and frustrating! Read our real life stories from our Survival Squad with teens and get our top tips for coping with this testing time.

sex education for teens in Dorset

Sex Education for Teens

Should you talk about sex with your child, when is the best time, what should you be telling them….when it comes to sex education many parents have lots of fears. We have experts on hand to offer some great advice.

Social Media Teenagers in Dorset

Dealing with Social Media

Social Media brings a whole host of issues and concerns for parents of teenagers. Check out our tips for dealing with social media and teenagers.

Cesspits & Teenagers


A fun and entertaining blog post about living with her teen written by Survival Squad Member Carly Weldon


OCD tendencies in my child

coping with a child with OCD

A down to earth blog post about dealing with a child with OCD tendencies. Including top tips and lots of helpful links.

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Tips for Busy Mums

Cleaning tips for busy mums

Are you a busy mum? Silly question, if you are a mum you are busy!…read our top tips from Survival Squad member Emma to help you.

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Pressure on Parents

pressure of parenting Dorset

As a parent we can often fall into the ‘comparing’ trap. Social media can enhance the guilt. This reassuring blog post will help put life into perspective.

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