Easy kids recipes to eat vegetables

Getting kids to eat their vegetables can be really difficult…… when we say difficult we mean we end up using full on hostage negation skills to persuade our kids to take ONE tiny mouthful of broccoli…..”no for the hundredth time it is not a small tree” Meal times can feel like a battle ground and parents are left with worries that their children aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals they need. But don’t despair….here at Parent Survival we have the ultimate soup recipe to help your child eat loads of fantastic vegetables.

recipes to get kids to eat vegetables

We have tried and tested the HULK SOUP recipe on our very own non veggie eater Jack! Our adorable 4 year old refuses peas, broccoli and any food that is green but loves his HULK SOUP! So lets not waste anymore time and crack on with the recipe.

If you want to watch us in action making our HULK SOUP you can view it here!

What You Need to Make The Hulk Soup

1 Courgette
2 Apples
200g Peas
250g Broccoli
3 handfuls of Kale
2 Vegetable Stock Cubes
a pinch of super hero magic.

Healthy vegetable soup recipe

Chop your courgette into small chunks and add to your pan – your child might like to help you with this part. But be careful with knives….we cannot take any responsibility for any fingers lost during this process.

Peel and chop the apples and add them to the pan.

Ideas to get kids eating vegetables

Next add the peas, broccoli and kale to the pan.

Boil a kettle and dissolve 2 vegetable stock cubes in 500ml of boiling water.

Pour the stock mixture into the pan and simmer on your hob for approx 20mins or until your vegetables are cooked. Don’t over cook them otherwise it will take all the goodness out.

Remove the pan from the hob and pour the contents into a blender. Whizz up until smooth and like a soup consistency.

Serve your Hulk Soup to your little ones….and don’t forget the adults too as this recipe is simply delicious.

Kids to eat vegetables ideas and recipes

Finally let your hair down and do a happy dance around the kitchen as your kids turn into vegetable loving, strong HULK superheroes!

If you have tried this recipe with your children we would love to know what you think of it. Or let us know of any ideas you use to encourage your kids to eat vegetables in the comments below. Until next time…..HAPPY HULK VIBES x

Healthy eating recipes for kids

If you want to watch us in action making our HULK SOUP you can view it here!


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