Many parents find it hard work raising a baby or a toddler but did you ever think it would get harder raising a teenager? Most teenagers have time for YouTube but not homework or household chores…or spending time with Mum. Carly writes for us in our blog squad and here she tells us what it’s really like living with a teenage boy


Teenagers…. That’s all I have to say when people ask me ‘what’s up?’   It’s just one word that, if you say it with a  roll of the eye, it is universally understood.

My teenager is nearly 16, so I really should be used to living with a Grunting often stinking teenage boy. I have also been a parent for nearly 16 years, so you would think by now I would have it cracked right???

Well I have to say its harder now than it’s ever been, I mean don’t get me wrong, every stage of parenting is ‘challenging’ at times. No one wrote a handbook for this stuff. But I wasn’t and I’m still not ready for this Growing up Malarkey.

Teenagers are a strange breed. It’s almost like they go to bed one day as your loving, considerate, loving Mummy kinda kid, then wake up the next day, covered in Acne and a shaky breaking voice asking if they can go to a party at the weekend!

Teens in Dorset

I won’t lie, I really struggled giving him the freedom he wanted to start with. It’s the little things like if he goes to a friend’s in the evening. I always ask him to text me before he leaves so that I know he is on his way home. He gets quite cross, I’ve heard all the ‘But Mum, I’m 6ft and shaving I can walk home at 10 o’clock at night’! and ‘My friends don’t have to do this!’

I know sometimes I’m a bit of a crazy overprotective parent, but these Grunting Adult sized humans, (often found under a pile of dirty Cups, Plates and Clothes. In a bedroom that Smells worse than a Cesspit…. why do even clean Teenagers Bedrooms smell so bad? That’s a mystery to me! Do clean teenagers even exist?!) are going through so many massive changes in their Bodies half the time they don’t know what’s happening or how to handle their rushes of hormones.

Teenagers in Dorset

In the last few year’s my loving sociable boy has decided he no longer really wants to spend any time with us. When we are at home he chooses to sit in his room rather than with us, when he does come down it’s purely for more food or because the Internet has stopped working! (That’s an amazing tool when needed!)

He often refuses outright when asked to come on family days out etc. I find it hard when I feel like he’s still very much my little boy. Yet I find myself stood in front of my 6ft, 15-year-old telling him I would like him to come with us, and he just says ‘No Mum, I’m not coming’ I mean what are you supposed to say to that? I decided that unless it’s an important family occasion I will allow him to make his own decisions. And that still sticks in the back of my throat!

So, I guess it’s a bit like having a massive, sweaty, smelly toddler, you pick your battles wisely and a bit of emotional blackmail often works for me! I’m not sure I will ever let go completely, I will always think I know best for him. But I must learn to trust that I instilled the right values and morals in him so that he can learn to be the amazing adult that he is becoming! In the meantime, I shall continue with the hell that is GCSE revision, I shall talk more about that next time.


Carly is one of our awesome Survival Squad Team she blogs for us about being a mum of a teenager and shares her ups and downs in a down-to-earth way. If you would like to check out more of Carly’s great blog posts you can find her personal blog at
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